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Q. Can members guests be prevented from playing bingo in the club?

A. It is up to the club members and committee to decide what guest will be allowed to do or not do in their club. Simply create a by-law stating only members can play bingo. Same could apply restricting the playing of certain game in a bingo session.

Q.Can employees become members of the club?

A. It is not recommended. Employees should not be granted member status as it is likely to conflict with their employment rights. As a club member they are entitled to stand for election onto the committee. If successful in doing so become their own employer

Q.Can the facilities of the club be advertised in the local press?

A. The advertisement should be to inform club members and their bona fide guest only (bona fide meaning genuine real actual). A general advertisement insinuating general members of the public can gain entry isn’t legal

Q. Is it possible for the committee to request the steward to attend the committee meetings.

A. It is a matter for the club committee to decide. It maybe the steward is required to deliver certain information   perhaps to give an update on activities and answer any questions before leaving so the committee can resume discussing other matters.

Q. Can under 18s legally play bingo in the club on bingo nights?

A. In private members clubs under 18s can participate in bingo if they are members or members guests 

Q. It is stipulated in the rules that only members can play on the snooker tables. Guests of members are not allowed to play. Can Affiliated members play on the tables even though the rules state members only?

A. Clubs undertake to offer the same facilities and rights to an affiliated member as their own member except the right to take part in the management affairs of the club

Q. When holding special ticket only event night members and guests are charged different prices. Do we have to charge affiliated members the same price as our club members?

A. Affiliated members must be treated the same as club members therefore charged the same as members

Q. A member of our club has been nominated for a position on the club committee. This person is already on the committee of another local club. Can he hold a position on the committee of both clubs?

A. A position can be held with more than one club but under some circumstances a conflict of interest or a question of confidentiality may occur. Both of which are not surmountable problems.

Q. Our club secretary recently resigned and we cannot find anyone who will accept the responsibility of the position. Can the club legally continue to operate without a secretary even if on a temporary basis?

A. The club does not legally require a secretary to continue to operate. It may be that the committee members cold share the secretary duties in the short term. The club could consider employing someone to fill the position of secretary.

Q. If someone wishes to join the club at the later end of the year it seems unfair to charge them the full yearly subscription. Is it possible to charge a pro rata fee so that the new member only pays for the remaining period of the subscription year?

A. It is perfectly acceptable and sensible to charge a new member pro rata towards the end of the subscription year.


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